• Meaningful Connections and Data To Prove It

  • Digital

  • High-performing digital companies distinguish themselves by keeping pace as their customers choose to engage more digitally. For example, they anticipate emerging patterns in the behavior of customers and tailor relevant interactions with them by quickly and dynamically integrating structured data, such as demographics and purchase history, with unstructured data, such as social media and voice analytics. These companies skillfully assess the available resources, inside and outside the business, and bring them to bear on issues that matter to their markets.

    Your Story

    By itself, your marketing data can be misleading. Each marketing technology solution you have tells a story. A different story. A story about:

    • Your marketing campaigns
    • Your consumer engagement
    • Your social media campaigns
    • Your website analytics

    Each solution tells a story but its not the complete story. Today’s businesses need to see the complete story - One that shows how all your solutions generate revenue, connect to your consumers and where you need your digital strategy to go. All your digital marketing analytics tied to your business intelligence.

    Your Data

    C2 will assess your digital marketing ecosystem. It’s an inventory of all your digital marketing solutions and strategies including:

    • Digital properties from websites to landing pages
    • Marketing automation solutions, such as Marketo, Pardot, HubSpot, conversion forms and your lead generation strategies
    • Search engine optimization, social media strategies, pay per click
    • Digital marketing strategy creation or digital marketing strategy improvement

    Your Success

    We update your digital marketing strategy followed by a road map to integrate your digital marketing solutions into your business strategy. The road map will include the identification of key performance indicators and outline any gaps in your digital marketing solutions

    • Life is MORE digital
    • Technology moves faster than most brands can keep up with
    • Marketing culture has changed
    • CMO budgets are growing
    • Investments & acquisitions are through the roof
    • There is a need to bridge the gap between IT and marketing
    • Digital Marketing, BI and ROI need to be linked

    C2 Digital is a specialty firm that impacts revenue through better marketing qualified leads and precise detailing of the buyer persona. Our approach is unique in terms of expertise in digital marketing strategy, digital marketing technologies and marketing data management. We have advised many corporations and helped them improve their digital capability. Example focus areas are systemic management of “data lakes” into a cohesive intelligence program creating a unified view of email campaigns, consumer engagement, social media campaigns and website analytics. Technology is key in digital marketing. Your mix of technologies shapes marketing’s ability to impacts sales.