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  • C2 Data

    Material changes like acquisitions, new products, missions for growth and major system transformations all drive data related needs. We help clients define their BI/Data Architecture or EIM strategy coupled with the actual business initiatives. Our extensive experience in both defining strategies and implementing those strategies via project road-maps ensure their needs are met regardless of internal or external influences. Business Intelligence is as much art as it is science and our clients depend on us to meld the science of technical implementations with the art of making BI solutions a reality.

    Our culture is defined by the projects we do and the consultants on our team. We strive to be viewed as thought leaders within the data space and project leaders in implementation. Our clients look to us as trusted advisors who see through the noise and recommend and implement high value solutions. We are not a staffing company that drops resumes on your door step. We are your advisor and solution delivery partner that is accountable for the success of the project regardless of roles we play.

    We deliver highly visible, complex BI solutions that range from strategy to solution implementation. We are vendor independent when designing solutions, yet bring highly talented certified tool consultants if required for the implementation. Our deep history and success within the BI/DW/EIM space can be seen with 50+ successful solutions for large clients.

    Experience is critical to a successful BI Solution. We employ consultants with an average experience of 10+ years. We build project teams with consultants that have worked together on projects in the past. Project dynamics and leadership abilities are highly valuable, but often overlooked. Many firms lead with technology experience first and we take risk out by leading with project success, repeatability and technology skills. Our clients want us to partner with them to succeed and not just provide resources to fill roles.

  • C2 Business Intelligence Solutions

    Better information enables better decisions. Better decisions create better results. C2 integrates enterprise information so your business has the information it needs when it needs it.

    Our Services:

    • BI Strategy (Self Service BI, Predictive Analytics, Cloud Based Deployments, Governance Implementations)
    • DW DW Strategy (Data Acquisition, Data Integration, ETL Architecture, Data Architecture, Data Stewardship, Data Governance)
    • EIM Strategy (Data Modeling, Data Integration, Metadata Management, Master Data Management, Data Governance)
    • Project Planning and Estimating, Requirements Definition and Implementation
    • Technical Design and Solution Architecture
    • Data Analysis and Modeling
    • Real-time and Near Real-time Solutions (Cloud Based and Web Services)
    • Tool Selections and Implementation
    • Data Development, Sourcing and Transformation
    • Deployment and Integration of Data Warehouses and Marts (Physical and Virtual)
    • Data Delivery, Portal Development and Analytical Solutions
    • Mentoring and Training
  • BI Strategy and Roadmap Overview

    C2 engages with your leadership team to review the current state of your BI capabilities and solutions. We collaborate to create a future vision for your BI capabilities and create a road-map to get you there. Our experience in BI project deployments becomes apparent as recommendations for your new future are guided by past successes to help you achieve the desired end result while avoiding risks along the way. We will review and propose recommendations within BI Architecture, DW Architecture, organizational structures, Software Development Lifecycles and Enterprise Information Management best practices, Data Quality Assurance and BI Adoption and sustainability. Knowing where you are going makes it much easier to arrive at your destination. Let us map out your BI journey with you!

    BI Visualization for Requirements Gathering and Scoping Overview

    Most BI users are visual learners and need the ability to conceptualize their data in order understand and run their businesses. Adapting your process to account for this shift is challenging for large organizations that following predefined SDLC’s. At C2 we utilize Data Visualization techniques at the beginning of our projects to engage the business earlier to capture the essence of how they want BI to perform. This reduces the risk associated with building data structures and BI capabilities that are not what the business needs. We believe that you shouldn’t build something you can’t visualize first.

    Data Integration Quick Start for Cloud Data, Big Data & Cloud Data Storage Overview

    BI Architecture and Tooling has changed dramatically over the last several years. The days of acquiring, integrating, storing and deploying BI solutions solely within your Data Center are gone. Gone with those days are the controls and understanding of how to manage those systems. Liken it to the Client Server evolution the distribution of Applications, Data Storage, Application Servers require intentionality of design and construction to account for the changes. At C2 we live the new architecture and understand the complexities created and can help guide you through your first projects to get there. Change is inevitable, but good design and planning will minimize the pain and anxiety created with the change. Let us help reduce your stress and truly leverage the new capabilities and not be constrained by them.