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  • Digital Marketing in Healthcare

  • Client: A global medical device manufacturer.

    Solution: Develop and implement multi-channel digital strategies to increase repeat physician sales and physician and patient awareness, engagement and education.

    Result: Increased marketing qualified lead success by 30-40% which resulted in an increase in revenue and provided ongoing scalable strategies and solutions.

  • Marketing Buyer Journey

    Business Challenge

    Our client was faced with the challenge of implementing a ground up digital marketing strategy and technology solution selection. They had minimum digital solutions and what they had were a broad spectrum of technologies, with little integration and no defined KPI’s or buyer personas. This had impacted compliance and regulatory challenges, along with issues navigating the complexities of creating a digital strategy for physician and patient education while communicating an effective brand value proposition. Our client was also faced with the challenge of being to be an agile marketing company with a lack of compliance and regulatory solution integration which was effecting their ability to quickly and accurately respond to their marketplace.

    Our Approach

    The C2 Digital team was hired to develop and design:

    • A digital marketing ecosystem and solutions to align with compliance and regulatory requirements along with aligning with the business strategy.
    • Defined requirements for digital marketing solutions and integration implementation into regulatory and compliance solutions.
    • Buyer personas for two channels: Physician/hospital and patient engagement.
    • A plan for integrations into regulatory and compliance solutions to shorten timelines for marketing campaign approvals from 90-120 days to under 30 days.
    • Strategic KPI dashboards to provide management with better data and metric insights to help them make better strategic decisions.
    • Staff training on digital marketing best practices and processes, including compliance and regulatory management and optimizations for their digital teams.

    We developed an end to end digital marketing strategy with solution integration, complete with defined buyer personas, KPI dashboards and identified scalable and compliant digital marketing solutions along with strategies to drive an increase repeat in physicians sales, qualified MQL’s and significant increases in patient awareness and traffic across all digital properties while at the same time decreasing timelines for regulatory compliance and approvals.

    The Result

    We successfully addressed the client’s digital marketing challenges and gaps by creating a digital marketing road map and identifying digital marketing solutions that fit the client’s needs and requirements. The strategies and technologies C2 implemented increased marketing qualified lead success by 30-40% which resulted in an increase in revenue and provided ongoing scalable strategies and solutions.