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  • Digital Marketing in Finance

  • Client: A national finance and investment company.

    Solution: Increased visibility and measurement capabilities in digital marketing software and initiatives.

    Result: A stronger understanding of customer behavior and marketing activities while increasing percentage of customer acquisitions by 40% and product sales by 80%.

  • Digital Solution Marketing Funnel

    Business Challenge

    Our client’s new business strategy included a requirement to engage prospects and customers primarily using digital technology. They had invested and deployed a digital solution, however the digital marketing practices were not as effective as desired and were not measureable in terms of response to advertising campaigns and conversion from prospect to customer. The client wanted a deeper understanding of prospect and customer behavior and to improve the way they engaged and interacted with their target market.

    Our Approach

    C2 was hired to perform an analysis of the existing digital marketing ecosystem and provide recommendations based on the analysis. Our findings included the following needs:

    • Enhance the digital marketing strategy to align with the business strategy
    • Fully integrate and optimize the digital technology they had deployed
    • Address the skill gaps found with the development and operation of the new technology
    • Establish key performance indicators and create capability to measure and analyze digital interactions
    • Train existing staff on digital marketing best practices and process, this included legacy development, quality and PMO staff that have interdependencies with the digital group

    The Result

    We successfully addressed the client’s marketing and information technology gaps. We helped unify management with a common vision and roadmap of their digital marketing solution. The result is a more effective digital capability and use of technology dollars. Marketing now has critical metrics visible on dashboards and the business leaders are able to make good decisions on programs and tactics. The client has a stronger understanding of customer behavior and has increased percentage of customer acquisitions by 40% and product sales by 80% through the digital channel.