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  • C2 works with a wide variety of clients within various industries and market sets. Find your industry here and take a look at the things we've done for your peers.

  • Global Engineering and Manufacturing Company

    Custom Application Development

    Solution: An application solution that has a CRM front-end and calculation engine that quickly configures complex commercial and industrial systems.

    Result: Where three previous vendors failed C2 successfully replaced a legacy application that had a high cost of maintenance with a modern, scalable solution that drives 90% of sales.


  • Global Medical Device Manufacturer

    Digital Solution

    Solution: Develop and implement multi-channel digital strategies to increase repeat physician sales and physician and patient awareness, engagement and education.

    Result: Increased marketing qualified lead success by 30-40% which resulted in an increase in revenue and provided ongoing scalable strategies and solutions.


  • IT Healthcare Company

    Business Intelligence and Big Data

    Solution: Current state assessment, recommendation, implementation and migration to a big data solution along with complete knowledge transfer.

    Result: The migration was successfully completed on time and under budget.


  • National Finance and Investment Organization

    Digital Solution

    Solution: Increased visibility and measurement capabilities in digital marketing software and initiatives.

    Result: Stronger understanding of customer behavior and marketing activities while increasing percentage of customer acquisitions by 40% and product sales by 80% through the digital channel.